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Feb 9


Your Persian or Oriental rug is a valuable piece of furniture in your home. You might wonder how you will find the right person to clean it. Even if an area rug is not antique, it could still be the centerpiece of a space. No matter what rug you have, it is essential to find rug cleaning professionals who can remove the dye and any dirt from the fibers.

Arlington Carpet Cleaners can provide all the services needed to ensure your rug's longevity. Our innovative cleaning techniques and experience with all kinds of rugs will not only preserve your rug but also make your home healthier and more livable.

Want to learn more about rug cleaning? Or have questions about rug care? You can count on the team at Chemdry to provide the answers you seek. Below are some of the most common questions we receive about Rug Cleaning.

Your Rug Cleaning Questions answered

What should you do if your pet has gotten into my rug?

Accidents are inevitable when you have pets. The key is to understand what to do when you find out about an accident.

First, absorb as much liquid using white towels or tissue as possible. You should not rub the rug. Also, avoid using a common spot remover which can permanently alter your rug's color. Arlington Carpet Cleaners professionals can help you request specialized rug clean services. They are able to effectively remove evidence from pet accidents in a gentle way.

What are the causes for dye bleeding in rugs?

A variety of reasons can cause dyes to bleed, fade and weaken.

  • Incorrectly washing rugs
  • Exposure to pet urine
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Fumes from chemical compounds
  • Use bleach-containing stain removal products

Rugs that were dyed incorrectly, used in poor ways, or recolored after-market may also be prone to bleeding.

What are some ways to extend the life of my rug's lifespan?

If your rug is placed in high-traffic areas, it should be vacuumed frequently. The soil that settles between rug fibers consists mainly of dry particulate matter. The dirt and dust can create a sandpaper-like effect on rugs and accelerate the process of wear.

Vacuuming your rug regularly will prevent fragile fibers from being damaged by dry soil. It will also extend its lifespan. Arlington Carpet Cleaners professionals will remove dirt and dust from your rug, increasing its durability.

How do I prepare to clean a rug?

Prepare for an Arlington Carpet Cleaners rug-cleaning expert visit It won't take much time, but it will expedite your process. Start by clearing away clutter and other light items. Your rug cleaner will then vacuum the area before you start the cleaning process.

Next, note any flaws or stains you want the technician extra to look at. Next, if you have pets make sure that they are not in your living room or yard. This will allow the technician to focus on the job without being distracted. You should also make sure that your driveway is clear from the door to your rug. This will ensure that your rug is cleaned efficiently and safely.

Can you send a technician to look at my rug and provide a quote?

We are happy to conduct an in-home inspection of rugs. It may be necessary to use these techniques when cleaning rugs:

  • The construction techniques used
  • The age of your rug
  • The soil compaction
  • Its materials

After we have done this analysis, we will offer you a no-obligation quote for the cleaning. We will tell you if the rug is best cleaned off-site or in your home.


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