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SEBO: The Anti-Allergy Vacuum Cleaner

Mar 15

Allergic reactions are a raising problem that influences the lives of an increasing number of individuals worldwide. They can be much more than sneezing, itchy eyes, and also rashes. Some might not understand it, but allergic reactions can begin in our houses, and not just in our air. There is also dirt caused by us staying in our houses that can create the same impacts, along with pet hair or dander.

SEBO comprehends this problem as well as has produced an option-- the anti-allergy hoover. In this blog post, we will certainly review the SEBO vacuum cleaner as well as its filtration system, to aid you recognize how it functions, and also what it can do for your allergen-prone household.

What is SEBO's S-Class Filtration System?

Any good quality vacuum can make the floor tidy, however SEBO is just one of the few business that create anti-allergy hoover that can make the air clean as well. This is thanks to its hospital-grade S-Class Filtration System that makes sure the air that you breathe is allergen-free as well as safe.

As a German business, the "S" means "Schwebstoff", which straight equates to the term "air-borne particles". SEBO's S-Class Filtration satisfies the European criterion, and it goes beyond the much more common North American term "HEPA-Filtration".

The HEPA requirement includes a filter that absorbs as much as 99.97% of dust and dirt particles to 0.3 microns. While SEBO's S-Class filtration includes a hospital-grade filter that absorbs 99.9% of dust as well as dust fragments down to 0.3 microns. While it might appear to be incredibly very little, it can still be of excellent worth in terms of the quality of air that you take in your house.

The Three Stages of Vacuum Cleaner Filtration

All SEBO vacuums possess a three-step filtration system, with each phase capturing various types of particles. These are consisting of:

  • A three-layer ultra filter bag
  • A pre-motor micro-hygiene filter
  • An exhaust micro-filter

With every one of these layers of filtration, your home isn't just going to be clean, yet it is mosting likely to be allergen-free and also safe, permitting you to have a much healthier atmosphere. You can be specific that the vacuum you are using will certainly be capturing almost all kinds of dust particles, consisting of dust mites, bacteria, plant pollen, spores, and pet dog dander.

Tightly-Sealed Vacuum Bags

The exhaust air rubbing brush rolls not just clean the floors but also filter what experiences into the full. So no matter how effective a vacuum is, its effectiveness will certainly be drained pipes if the bag isn't sealed correctly. This is why SEBO's vacuum bags are 100% secured from joint to seam. This ensures that all of the contaminants will certainly stay inside the vacuum instead of leaving with the bag, whether it has actually been half-full or entirely empty.

Electrostatic Filtration

Electrostatic filtration uses statically charged micro-fibers to trap particles, which is much safer than the commonly used bag purification. Every one of the dirt as well as dust fragments from the air stream are being bound onto the fibers to avoid the air from being re-circulated back right into the flooring, while likewise capturing much more dirt and microorganisms. This function allows a smoother air flow, which additionally boosts the suction efficiency while keeping an efficient filtering.

The Anti-Allergy SEBO Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO's anti-allergy hoover are specifically designed to create a cleaner air flow for your house, which means that they can better keep out the allergens instead of merely capturing them guaranteed. They are available in all SEBO upright as well as container vacuum cleaner models.

Some examinations done by the British Allergy Foundation show that SEBO's filtration system gets rid of 100% of the dust mite allergen. This is why together with the National Asthma Council of Australia, SEBO received two seals of approval to their SEBO K, SEBO X, as well as SEBO Felix versions.